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Whether you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe or making room for next season’s pieces, you can sell, trade in, or consign Hermès items with Ginza Xiaoma. We offer some of the highest rates in the industry and pay you immediately after authentication. You can also let us sell your items on your behalf and get paid as soon as the sale is finalised.
With over a decade of experience buying, consigning, selling, and trading-in Hermès handbags, we are known industry-wide for our unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the global markets. We pride ourselves on providing meticulous white-glove service and a seamless experience that makes selling or consigning with us a cinch.

Why us?

Ginza Xiaoma is renowned for its exclusive Hermès collection, exceptional rates and VIP clientele.
This reputation stems from our appraisers’ unparalleled expertise and insights into the global markets.
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How To Sell

1. Initial Quote
Get in touch with us on any channel with clear images of the item you wish to sell or consign. We will review the images and get back to you with two initial quotes, one for if you choose to sell with us and one for if you choose to consign with us. The better the images, the more accurate the quote.
2. Ship Your Item
Once you’ve reviewed the quote and decided whether to sell or consign with us, you can carefully package and ship the item to our boutique. We will reimburse you for the shipping costs.
3. Authentication & Appraisal
We’ll inspect the item upon arrival and contact you with a final quote. If you change your mind or aren’t happy with the final quote, we will return the item to you safely. Rest assured that you won’t be charged any fees for the authentication and appraisal.
4. Get Paid!
If you are selling with us, we will pay you within one working day of you agreeing to quote. If you choose to consign, we will pay you within one working day of the item being bought and paid for in full.

Our Expert Appraisers

Masahiko Hashimoto
Chief Appraiser
30 Years of Hermès Experience
Noa Kurumada
Senior Appraiser
15 Years of Hermès Experience
Need help? Let our specialists walk you through the
selling process.

Visit Our Boutiques

Ginza Tokyo
An Hermès Paradise anchored in the heart of Tokyo
Visit for our world-class collection and encyclopaedic Hermès knowledge.
1F, Ginza 7-6-11, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
If you’re based near our Ginza, Hong Kong or Singapore store, you can bring your item in for an immediate appraisal. If you’re satisfied with our offer, we’ll pay you in cash on the spot. If you’re based further away, you can sell or consign your item to us online.

In the Press

在GINZA XIAOMA有精研愛馬仕近 30 年的日本泰斗級鑑定專家親自把關,用自己畢生的經驗和領先市場的觸覺,為客戶提供精準的回收和寄賣指導。而作為針對愛馬仕商品的專門店,GINZA XIAOMA能夠給出碾壓市場同業的報價,也更有信心能快速賣出。

Customer Reviews

Ginza Xiaoma is a heaven of Hermès bags. Large choice of beautiful handbags and if you can't find what you want, their sales team can source for you. Very friendly staff. This is without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful boutique in Singapore.
mecile tingcang | Singapore Store

Compare Ways to Sell

At Ginza Xiaoma, we have a deep understanding of the value of Hermès products. Our appraisers thoroughly investigate the current market and will advise you on the best sales method according to market trends.
What is consignment?
When you consign with us, we will sell your Hermès handbags and accessories on your behalf. You’ll be paid promptly once the item has been sold. You retain ownership of the product until this time. Consignment is a great option if you’re not in a hurry to make a sale. This option allows you to command a higher asking price.
Should I choose to sell or consign?
Selling your bag with Ginza Xiaoma guarantees you immediate payment. It’s ideal for those who wish to make an instant sale and receive the proceeds as soon as possible. Consigning may take longer but typically results in a larger payment. It is a great option if you’re not in a hurry to make a sale. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, we will advise you based on our experience of the market trends.
We offer the most exceptional rates in the region, as our valuation is not limited to the local market but is based on global market trends. If you are satisfied with our offer to sell, we will purchase the item in cash. If you choose to consign with us, we will give you the best rate and then get to work selling your items on your behalf.
Your items will be sold not only in our boutique but also via our website, social channels, and third-party online marketplaces to a worldwide audience of Hermès collectors.
You can enjoy free insurance, no courier fees, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees, and no commission for consigning your Hermès items with Ginza Xiaoma. You can also change your mind and decide to sell that bag directly to us at any time.
More About Consignment

Source and Trade

There are a number of ways to refresh your look at Ginza Xiaoma. You can buy pieces outright or level up your collection by trading in your lesser-used bag for one you can love forever.
We will evaluate the item you wish to trade, using its value against a piece in our collection. You can either pay the difference or get cash back to make up the gap, depending on the price of the item you are swapping for.
Reasons to trade-in
Save money on a new handbag
Upgrade a piece you don’t use anymore into your dream bag
Our trade-in offers are typically higher than when you sell to us
You can trade-in for points and built up to spend with us at a later date
We have plenty of bags to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that ticks all your boxes. If there’s a bag you want that we don’t have, we’ll do everything we can to source it for you.
More About Sourcing & Trade-In Services

How To Sell High?

More Selling Tips

Most In Demand

Exclusivity and popularity dictate market values on the luxury resale market. Get advice from our veteran appraisers on consigning items that fly off the shelf.
Kelly 25 Gold Epsom GHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 3,400,000
Birkin 25 Black Togo PHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 3,500,000
Birkin 30 Himalaya | Rank A
Consignment Offer
JPY 14~15 Million
Constance 19 Etoupe GHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 2,100,000
Mini Kelly II Gold Epsom PHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 3,500,000
Birkin 25 Rose Sakura Swift GHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 3,400,000
Kelly 25 Gold Alligator PHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 9,500,000
Mini Lindy Blue Pale Clemence PHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 1,300,000
Picotin PM Etoupe Clemence PHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 600,000
Garden Party Gold Negonda PHW | Brand New
Consignment Offer
JPY 630,000

What We Buy

We source a vast diversity of Hermès handbags and accessories from across the globe, both brand-new and pre-owned.
What We Buy
Apart from the most sought-after Birkin, Kelly and Constance, we also buy other models of handbags at a fair market value.
Various styles from the Kelly family are also popular, such as Mini Kelly, Kelly Pochette, Kelly Doll, Kelly Desordre, Kelly Cut, Kelly Danse, Kelly Elan, Kelly Lakis, Kelly Depeche, Kelly To Go, Kelly Moove, Kelly Sport, So Kelly, Kelly Ado.
Contact us for a quote if you have a Lindy, Mini Lindy, Bolide, Mini Bolide, Picotin, Garden Party, Haut A Courroies, Evelyne, Jypsiere, 24/24, Verrou, Roulis, Mosaique, Cinhetic, Geta, 2002, Della Cavalleria, In-The-Loop, Herbag, Toolbox, Berline, Victoria, Sac A Depeche, Chaine D’Ancre, Halzan or other Hermès bags to sell.


We employ a rigorous authentication process, certifying the authenticity of every item with the Ginza Xiaoma seal of approval before it reaches our shelves. According to local laws and our company’s guidelines, if the product cannot be sold, we will return it at your expense, including postage and customs clearance fees.
We accept a wide range of fashion accessories in unused, pristine and excellent condition. Jewellery and watches must be without modification or missing parts. Clothing items must have the original designer label/ tag intact and be free of stains, tears and odors. We accept new shoes or shoes worn on only a few occasions.
For domestic merchandising, we will send the items to our local store for authentication and appraisal. In the case of international sales and consignments, the items will be shipped to our Hong Kong store. The payment for consignment will be made to the consignor in the designated currencies on the same day that the buyer receives the sold item, based on the exchange rates at that time.
Selling FAQs


We offer some of the best rates in the industry, so If you have new or preloved Hermès items you’d like to sell or consign with us, contact us below to see how much we can offer you.
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