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Selling FAQs

Q: How to sell my Hermès?

A: Send us photos via website, Instagram or WhatsApp to get your free quotation, then visit our store or ship the item to us. Once the appraiser authenticates the item, you can choose buy-out or consignment. If you wish to buyout, we will bank transfer the agreed amount to your designated account. If you wish to consign, we will let you know once the consignment is sold and the bank transfers the agreed amount to you by then.

Q: How much does it cost to get a quotation?

A: The process from quotation to shipping is completely free. We will provide a shipping label to you to ship your bag to us. 

Q: Other than brand new items, can I sell my pre-owned Hermès as well?

A: Yes, Ginza Xiaoma believes every Hermès, whether it’s a brand new or pre-loved Birkin, Kelly or Constance etc, has its own story and value. It is our vision to pass down this value, and maximise every customer's profit.

Q: What is the difference between buy-out and consignment?

A: Buy-out is selling your Hermès immediately and we will bank transfer to you once we both parties confirm the amount. Otherwise, you can choose free consignment and place your beloved Hermès with us. Once the consigned item was sold, we will contact you and transfer the agreed amount to you as soon as possible.

Q: How long does it take to transfer the agreed amount to me if I choose buy-out?

A: We will proceed with the bank transfer immediately once both parties get to an agreement on the buy-out amount. However, for overseas customers, it might take 1- 5 working days in order to complete the transaction, which varies in different countries and different banks. 

Q: If I choose consignment, how much does Ginza Xiaoma charge for commission or handling fees?

A: Ginza Xiaoma promises free consignment, we will not charge any commission or hidden fees for consignments. The agreed consign amount will be the amount that you receive. 

Q: I don't have Ginza Xiaoma shops near me, how do I sell my Hermès? Is shipping the item to Ginza Xiaoma safe? Are there any shipping fees I need to pay? 

A: We will provide a shipping label for you to ship your beloved Hermès to one of our stores via safe and reliable courier companies, like FedEx and DHL.

Q: Can I walk-in to one of Ginza Xiaoma shops to sell my Hermès? 

A: Yes, you can walk-in and sell your Hermès. However we highly recommend customers to get online quotations and make an appointment with us prior to your visit, in order to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

Q: How does trade-in work? 

A: Ginza Xiaoma offers flexible trade-in service for customers. After buy-out and consignment, the customer pays the difference between the trade-in value and the purchase price, or they may receive a credit or refund if the trade-in value exceeds the cost of the new item.

Q: How do you guarantee authenticity?

A: Ginza Xiaoma understands customers’ concern and the importance of authenticity. As Asia's No.1 Hermès reseller, with a loyal customer base from across the world, we are committed to ensuring that every item’s authenticity. Our expert appraisers with decades of experience, rigorously examine every product we receive using a multi-point authentication process to guarantee its authenticity. See More

Q: Why is there a difference between initial online quotation and final quotation?

A: Our company has a comprehensive ranking of the condition of each product. After the appraiser's examination on the item’s actual condition, there might be slight differences on the final quotation.

Q: Does Ginza Xiaoma accept Hermès items that have undergone previous service or repair?

A: We do not accept items that have been repaired or services outside of Hermès.

Q: How does Ginza Xiaoma ensure all the items will not be damaged during the consignment period?

A: All items will have detailed photos taken once consigned with us to ensure condition. Additionally, we require all customers to wear gloves before they touch any items. In case of any unfortunate circumstance, if the consigned item is damaged or lost during the consignment period, Ginza Xiaoma will provide full compensation based on the consignment agreement amount. 

Q: If I decided to sell or consign with Ginza Xiaoma, anything I need to pay attention to? 

A: Feel free to ask our sales specialists or online customer service any questions regarding on sell and consignment. Also you can check our Consignment Terms of Service for more information.